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Welcome to my Spiritual Quotes webpage.

This page is not one faith, it is a little bit of all

faiths. It is not a religious page, but rather a

Spiritual page.

I believe we are all on a Spiritual journey

and that we each play a part for the greater

good, all of us learning as we go along.

If we can take away the labeling that separate

us there is so much to learn from one another.

This is why I created my facebook page in hopes to be

apart of higher understanding and a reflection

of us all.

May we open our minds and our hearts while

in this beautiful Era, this time of Spiritual

awakening and embrace each other for

our differences rather than just our


I truly do love your light!

April Peerless


''You are not learning new truths.You already know the truth.You are simply being reminded.''

With love

©April Peerless 2013


Nature is a reflection of
the majesty of our Creator.
May each part of it bring to
us a grateful heart!


 During my life I have changed my thinking

many times and who I am and who I was.

Do not judge me for who I was or even  

  for who I am now because I am bound

   to evolve Worldly and Spiritually

   up until my body dies.

Then I will be as a butterfly who sheds

   its Cocoon from it's newly winged body

  and fly's away with many new and

  beautiful secrets to tell.

©April Peerless 2013

 My scars I wear proudly,

I want you to see.

They are only

life-lessons that

no longer bleed.

2014April Peerless

If we could actually hear

what an Animal thinks,

if they could talk to us,

we would cry aloud


beg forgiveness.

©April Peerless 2013

    The time is now.

Express yourself.

You are not weak

  because you are gentle.

April Peerless2010


True healing will always
begin with your thoughts.

Master your thoughts and
you will master your life.

~April Peerless

The World doesn't want to be saved.

It wants to be loved,

that's how we save it.

©April Peerless 2012


Embracing Life

I independently walk my own path in this life.
My soul is my best teacher. I trust it to tell me
the truth from a non-truth.
I trust my intuition, my inner voice.

In the silence I can hear my Souls voice.
In the silence I can feel the love of our Creator,
that which is also a part of me. That which is
also a part of you.

We are all connected.

I am not religious but I embrace those who are.
We each have our own paths to walk. That which
will meet in the middle in the name of love and
that which will always be for the greater good.

Teach of no fear. Fear is an enemy. Fear is a lie.
Teach each other only of love.Love is who and
why we are.

Remember to treat each person with kindness.
Our love combined is so beautiful and so very powerful.

And most importantly

''Love will always conquer all.''

©April Peerles2013

Rise above your pain
because we have all
been hurt.

May we act in love and
compassion towards all
living beings anyway.

After all,love is the most
beautiful gift we have to
offer and it is who and
why we are.

April Peerless2014


I am finding out

that I already know.

Not in my mind

but within my Soul.

April Peerless2013


 Remember to treat

each person with kindness.

Our love combined is so beautiful

and so very powerful.



If you don't make

time to laugh,

you have no music

in your heart.

Like the wolf

during a full moon,

May your heart

have many songs

to sing.

April Peerless2012



May your day be

filled with love and light.

May you shine for others

who cannot see that they

are on a spiritual path too.

©April Peerless 2013

Each day, wake up and think to yourself.

''I offer myself to this day with a caring heart.

I keep my soul in-tune to know that

at any moment someone may cross my path

that may be in need of a smile,

a hug or a good ear.''  



Our world is full of beautiful things.
May we keep a watchful eye so
that we never miss them.

April Peerless2014

Each of us have so many chapters

during our lifetimes. Some are good

and others are not so good, but all

of our experiences during our lives

should teach us something we can

use in a beautiful way.

May we enjoy the wisdom received

in each chapter of our lives to benefit

not only ourselves but the world at large.

April Peerless


Animals are like Angels,

they lift us up when we feel down.

April Peerless


 Home is where the heart is.
Now say it again but don't
think of a house.

April Peerless2014


 I hear talk about a new age religion.

Not true,

we have waited for this Era

for a very, very, long time.



Sometimes others may not

understand you


it doesn't mean that you

are not on the right path.

Trust your own intuition always.



Every child is born with wonder.
Watch them when they first learn of
nature. Their eyes open to the glories
of this beautiful World, the beauty
of the flowers, the softness of the
grass under their feet and all the
mystery of life itself. 

April Peerless2013



In my silent place

where I often find his light and grace,

my heart spoke to me and it was about you.

So I came to you today to offer an ear

and comfort you if needed.

Little did I know that

my being there for you

gave me comfort too.

April Peerless2004

Every word we speak is
a prayer or meditation.
It is wise to choose words
that have synchronicity with
love, peace and compassion.

April Peerless

On our lives journey,

during this brief moment in time,

  our paths have crossed.

May we

leave each other dancing

in the rain!

©April Peerless 2013


 Expand your knowledge

Step out of man-made religions!

April Peerless2009


If you believe it strong enough,
then it is so.

April Peerless

 Don't waste so much time

looking for acceptance from others.

It is more important to accept ourselves

for who we are and what we are.

The key to lasting change

will always begin within.

April Peerless2013



 The moment we start

to act like our life is a blessing,

is the moment our life will start

to feel like one.

April Peerless2014


You can understand a lot about a person

by the way they treat an Animal.


A strong person is able to admit that
they bleed just like everybody else.

A strong person will not let life
harden their hearts.

A strong person will never take
kindness for weakness because
they understand what that
feels like.

A strong person is willing to stay
kind and forgiving and try to be
wiser spiritually rather than just

I say to all the worlds truly strong
people,''Keep going, keep loving
and stay strong!''

April Peerless 2014


Today, may we embrace all that we are

in this very moment...


 We are meant to love animals,

not hurt them..

Money should never be

more important than

they are.

April Peerless2014


Teach your children while they
still listen, when young, how special
their human existence and life are,
but, just as important if not more so,
what a miracle their true existence
is within their very soul..

If they go on a hard path while older
they may not listen to you anymore
but they will remember that which is
within and with that,are likely to find
themselves once again..

April Peerless2014

May we ebb and flow

with grace to whatever

this day may bring one

moment at a time.

If it's meant to be,

it will find a way.

Just Be!


 Every word we speak is a prayer or meditation.

May we choose words that have synchronicity
with love, peace and compassion.



When we suffer in life
we can learn to
seek the lesson
which can then be
turned into
a beautiful gift to offer the

person that 'will' show up in your life
needing just that kind of understanding..

Embrace the harder trials in life and turn
it into something beautiful!

April Peerless2014


Look with your heart
and see the love,
because this is a family too!

April Peerless2013

When times are hard,

or even when they are easy,

learn to seek the lesson.

April Peerless2014


As we break new ground

on this New Year,

I know that doors will

open for us.

     I know our hunger for new

  wisdom will show us the way.

   May all that we learn this

      new year be about love for

          one another and may our love

bring the peace that

our World needs.

Understanding and Acceptance,

brings Unity and Peace

©April Peerless 2014



When you've hit rock bottom

and you feel a little lost.

This may be where you actually find yourself.

Sometimes when we lose our mind

 we  find your Soul.

April Peerless2014
May we all shine bright enough
so that others will see, that they are on the Spiritual path too!

April Peerless

In the silence,
I can feel the love of our Creator,
that which is also a part of me.
That which is also a part of you.

We are all connected.



Butterflies are a symbol

of the beauty in change.

Collect moments,not things.
When all is said and done,
beautiful moments are your
true treasures.

©April Peerless 2014


When I am in nature I am in my church.

I quiet my mind and the most beautiful

heavenly music touches my Soul.

I think to myself,

thank you,

thank you,

thank you.

April Peerless2014


Spiritual practice is the ability to love

even when you have been hurt

and misunderstood over and over again.

It's the ability to get over it and rise to love again.



 For new Spiritual growth follow your own heart,

blaze your own path, listen to your own Soul,

not someone Else's!


Wisdom doesn't come
from speaking,
it comes from listening.
It doesn't come from knowing,
it comes from seeking.

April Peerless2014

The next time you are thinking

of beautiful things,

make sure you think of yourself.

We can give ourselves the nurturing

we crave.

We can embrace that hurt

inner child if need be.

Once we have given this gift to

ourselves we can than offer a


loving and understanding

gift to others.


If we are able to admit

that we don't know everything,

we will surely become wiser.





To all Spiritual

and sometimes misunderstood


The World needs us

and it is time to wake up!

Be excited and get stuck in.


Each day, wake up

and think to yourself.

''I offer myself to this day

with a caring heart.

I keep my soul in-tune

to know that at any moment

someone may cross my path

that may be in need

of a smile, a hug or a good ear.''



Silence is the language of the Spirit

The beautiful awakening has

come to this time and place..

I knew in my lifetime I would

see  the light of our Creators grace.

In the silence of my heart,

I heard the language of his spirit.

With one tiny turn I shook but

didn't fear it..

I shuttered with the colors

all within me.White and yellow

turn into a light green.

As the flower of my Soul

begins to open, the colors

of his love begin to flow in.

Yes silence is the language

of the spirit. Make sure to

sit quietly to hear it.

By April Peerless2012


Don't push new wisdom away
just because you weren't taught
that's how it is.
That would be a waste
and damaging to your inner being.

You will know the truth
when you hear it from within,
because your true self will recognize it
as if you had always known it.

Don't believe what others say
is the truth without passing it by
your Soul first.

Find your own truth.
Embrace and carry on.

©April Peerless 2013


For those of us who have had

a tough start in life,

always try to remember there

is a reason and a purpose

and it is for the greater good..

You now have the beautiful gift

of compassion and understanding for others.

Embrace this and be happy.

April Peerless


Today I am grateful

for each breath I take in

and each breath I let out.



All is for the purpose
of the Greater-Good.
May we all meet in
the middle.



Live in peace and with care,
even among those who fight.
Live in joy and with love,
even among those who hate.
Live in compassion and with care,
even among those who allowed their
life to harden their hearts.

April Peerless2014

Stay strong, follow your
own heart and trust yourself.
We know more than we think we do.

April Peerless2014

If you feel as though something inside is calling you to the next level,

that is because your ready.


Embrace who you are with love and knowing,

then you will feel hungry for new Spiritual growth.


If humans were perfect,

we would have nothing to learn

and nothing to strive to become.


It is one of our greatest blessings in life!
It allows us to evolve to a higher place
spiritually even though we may have
fallen short in our lives.

So receive the blessing of transformation
and let nothing hold you back. Sometimes
good people do bad things but that is all a
part of life.

Embrace, accept and move on!


Rest in the stability of your own mind.
Then you can find a peace inside that is
reliant on yourself, rather than others.


Honor and love who and what you are.
Even your darker side has brought you
to the here and to the now.

Turn it all over and shower the world
with good seeds!


May the light

always shine


on your path

to Spiritual wisdom.




Soar as high as you think you can go,

then go higher!


If everybody loved everybody,

we would know we found heaven.


May your day be filled with 

Love, peace and a ton of blessings!


Forget about trying to be perfect.

We are all meant to evolve and grow mentally

and Spiritually,

Error is one of the ways we do this.

Once we understand that we aren't

meant to be perfect we can than

embrace, accept, let go and move on!


May my mind be at peace.

May my heart be kind


May my Spirit plant only


April Peerless 2012

 Today and everyday

I send out vibrations

of love, peace and joy!

It was always love I looked for throughout my life,

but I have learned to find love, we must become love.

April Peerless2011

I would have never guessed until now,

that my whole life was to prepare me for this very moment. 



I found the brightest light in my darkest place.

So bright this light,it carried me to the now.

©April Peerless 2013


Remember that your inner-child

needs to come out and play sometimes.

 Some days when I go for a short walk,

I just keep on walking!




Some people have lost all of their family and loved ones. 

God sends his love to the loveless

in many ways.



 Oh to be like a bird for one brief day.

Fly away,

fly away!


 Love is Universal,

no-one should be left out..

We have cried out from the pain

and closed our love off.

May we re-open our hearts

and love each other anyway.

There are many different chapters in our lives.

It is important not to stay stuck in one.


we are meant to Evolve Spiritually

and mentally.

April Peerless2013

Take it,

learn from it

and let it go!

If you feel that our world seems to be

spiritually connecting, that is because we are.

©April Peerless 2012


If we could look at the hardest parts

of our lives as if we are a spectator,

we would probably find the spectator

would want to embrace this person

(you) with a hug and maybe even

whisper 'it will be alright.'

This is self compassion.

Good actions or bad actions, good

responses or bad responses, we are

rising above that and seeking spiritual

truths and learning about our true selves

right here, right now.

Embrace any hurt or shame

you may have and after that, let it go

and carry on.

We are now on a new chapter.

Lets make it a good one.

April Peerles2013

 It is a double edged sword to welcome home
our troops across the globe. I would also like
to send out prayers for those lost at war and
families everywhere whom have lost someone..

It doesn't matter what nationality or war you are fighting.
War is war, people are people and brothers and sisters
should not be fighting one another.

My deepest wish is that we find peaceful solutions and
understanding for each country on the globe and for a
peace-filled Earth built on the strongest foundation there
is, which will always be love...

Understanding, compassion, acceptance=Love
This has to come from we the people because
those that lead us are only about power.


Sometimes you just got to get
out there and be a free-spirit!


May our Souls guide our way
to more spiritual wisdom and
may we shine bright enough
so that others will see that
they are on a spiritual path


 April Peerless

Quotes Sayings


Crystal Palace

In my dreams a forgotten place,
of ancient secrets of light and grace. 

By and by to never ending
reborn back again to my beginning.

Home again, home at last!
My gift received from journey`s past.

A heart that bled, a heart that smiled.
Even while old an innocent child.

Ahhh,embraced by love into the light.

At long last, my journeys flight.

©April Peerless2004


The Quest

An important knowledge is to understand

that we are surrounded by mystery.

Our inner voice leads us naturally to places

we can not see or touch with our worldly eyes

and hands. And we understand naturally that

we are far more than our bodies and our life

within this world alone.

There is a yearning that leads us on a quest

into the mysterious.

Embrace the mystery of all you can be!

©April Peerless 2013


To heal our world,

we must gain understanding

towards each other and with

understanding we will gain

acceptance and compassion.

With acceptance and compassion,

Love will soon follow.

April Peerless


** Life Lessons **

Like most of us there

was pain, love and loss.

Life-lessons aren't free they

come at a cost..

I am a bit wiser since

the day of my birth.

That's all we can hope for

on sweet Mother Earth..

My scars I wear proudly,

I want you to see,

they are only life-lessons

that no longer bleed..

So smile through the tough

times and laugh when you can.

Love everyone that lives on this

beautiful land..

©April Peerless 2013


In the name of Love

My hope for mankind is for us all to seek out the similarities

rather than the differences from one another.


For us to take down the walls of labeling that separate us

and learn from each other instead.

With understanding comes compassion. With compassion comes love.

May we all understand clearly that we are all connected

and what we do to others we are actually doing to ourselves.

And finally

may we be in an era that the doors swing widely open and a new

vibration brings us out of the darkness.

May veils be lifted from our spiritual eyes in the name of love

and in the name of our Creator.

©April Peerless 2013


 Can you feel it? It is like the eye of the
storm before the calm.It has woken the
tired and tattered Souls to their calling.
It is beautiful.

I wait in awe to see what will be. I help
wake my brothers and sisters to tell you
that you are not alone and to remind you
that love will always conquer all.

©April Peerless 2013


 Never put anyone out of your heart or label them falsely.
Our greatest division is the labels we are given to judge others.

May we Cast them from our tainted minds and seek for truth again.

©April Peerless 2013


Honor and love who and what you are.

Even your darker side has brought you

to the here and to the now.

Turn it all over and shower the world

with good seeds!

©April Peerless 2013

If you want to bring others happiness,
you must become happy.

If you want a good mate, become the mate you want.

If you want anything in life,

give it to others first.

It will be a lot of work, but well worth it.

©April Peerless 2013

I thought my life to have been a waste

but it really just brought me to this very

moment. I am filled with an understanding,

compassion and love.I am right where I need be.

©April Peerless 2013

Earth Angels

Dogs are wise and so forgiving.
They watch over a whole family.
They are a guardian Angel for our
If we fall they run and lick our face
to make  us all better.
They love us more than they love
When I think of words like loyal,
devoted,forgiving ,friend, angel
and selfless.
I think of a dog.

May our Souls guide us on our

way to more spiritual wisdom.

May we all shine bright enough

so that others will see that they

are on the Spiritual path too!

April Peerless




May we all shine bright enough,

so that others will see that

they are on the Spiritual path too!


May we open our minds and our hearts while
in this beautiful Era, this time of spiritual
awakening and embrace each other for
our differences rather than just our


 I love when a person is talking
about something that they really love.
Their eyes light up and I see their inner
being shining through.
For me that is pure magic!
April Peerless


Animals are a part of Gods creation too.

An Ark was built for them to survive through

Gods direction. That's how important they are.

What a shallow mind to think of them as nothing

important at all. If you look into an animals eyes,

you can clearly see their soul.


April Peerless2014

It isn't wise to try and change people.

Just love them as they are instead.

If a change is meant to happen it

will happen because of love.

Love is what changes us.

©April Peerless 2013

Sometimes we have to love at a distance

but we should never give up on anybody

who may be walking on a dark and lonely path.

You may be the only light they have. Stay strong and shine!

Have you ever stopped to wonder
how magical our world would be if
we had always been kind, loving and
respectful to all animals?  

April Peerless2013


 Stay strong.
Follow your
own heart
and trust
We know
more than
we think we do.

April Peerless2011



 You know in your heart

when it is right and it is true.

Trust no other. Trust rather that

small voice that is within you.

Trust your intuition.

©April Peerless 2013

In a long lost dream,

or so it seemed,

my soul was free

and I am sure I was home.

The rolling hills

a soft lush green,

and flowers singing praises

all day long.

like a million Angels

and a forgotten song.


Flowers sing praises

in a place I long to return too.

April Peerless2010



 May peace, love and joy,

conquer war, hatred and fear.

Think it, believe it, speak it.

April Peerless
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